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Flavours that delight.

SAVR SALT - Purpberry - 20mg.png
SAVR SALT - Slappin Strawberry - 20mg.png

Combining the delicious flavor of blue raspberry with the classic taste of fresh berries, a real canadian shelf staple.

SAVR SALT - Ballin Berry - 20mg.png

Ballin' Berry

SAVR - OG Vanilla - 3mg.png

The original vanilla taste with a smooth and perfectly balanced finish.

SAVR SALT - OG Vanilla - 20mg.png

OG Vanilla

SAVR - Ragin Red Apple - 3mg.png

Crisp and refreshing, a delicious blend of juicy red apples with a cooling finish.

SAVR SALT - Ragin Red Apple - 20mg.png

Ragin' Red Apple Iced

SAVR - Mo Mango - 3mg.png

On the inhale, you'll taste the juicy and succulent flavor of ripe mango, perfectly balanced by the sweet and tangy taste of fresh pineapple on the exhale.

SAVR SALT - Mo Mango - 20mg.png

Mo' Mango

SAVR - Poppin Pineapple - 3mg.png

A delicious blend of sweet pineapple, zesty lime, and a cool finish.

SAVR SALT - Poppin Pineapple - 20mg.png

Poppin' Pineapple

SAVR - Slappin Strawberry - 3mg.png

A delicious blend of ripe strawberries and juicy blueberries.

SAVR SALT - Slappin Strawberry - 20mg.png

Slappin' Stawberry

SAVR - Mocha Loca - 3mg.png

A bold and rich flavor that provides a delicious sweet creamy blend of coffee and mocha.

SAVR SALT - Mocha Loca - 20mg.png

Mocha Loca

SAVR - Purpberry - 3mg.png

A delicious blend of juicy grapes, mixed berries, and a cool finish.

SAVR SALT - Purpberry - 20mg.png

Purpberry Iced

SAVR - Sweet Cherry Lime - 3mg.png

A tart and sweet flavor combo of ripe cherries and zesty lime.

SAVR SALT - Sweet Cherry Lime - 20mg.png

Sweet Cherry Lime

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